What style of photo can we expect?

Since a photo is worth a thousand words, we’ll suggest you stop by our Portfolio first. If you’ve already had a look, you’ll know that we love pastel greens, creamy skin tones, and ethereal and airy highlights. Our work often has a classic film feeling – it will not feel dated or out of fashion in one year, or twenty years.

Why do you include two photographers in many of your collections?

Well, first, it’s more fun for us to shoot together! Secondly, having two photographers means one person can set up for the next location, run to change lenses, hold hair or a dress in place, help pose, or distract a toddler who’s in need of a nap. Finally, Caroline has a great creative eye – while Josh is posing families, Caroline is finding unique angles and new light that create some of the best shots.

What’s the difference between a high resolution photo and a social media photo?

Typically, a high resolution photo is used for printing while a social media file is uploaded to Facebook or Instagram. High resolution photos are very large files, sometimes 25-30 megabytes each! Facebook and Instagram will compress the photos to save space on their servers, however, this leaves the photo looking grainy and dull. Our social media files are optimized to sneak around Facebook’s photo-ruining compression so that your new profile picture looks just as good as the photo hanging on your wall. A warning: do NOT print social media files and do not upload high resolution files. Either of these actions will cause grainy and blurry looking photographs.

Why is a print credit included in our package?

We want our photos to be seen! So often, digital files get buried in your computer somewhere, or put on a flash drive in a drawer. When you print your photos, you’ll have the pleasure of having those memories on display – at your desk, on your fridge, or hanging from your wall. Because we also want you to update your profile picture, we include social media files with any photo printed! It’s the best of both worlds.

Why do you recommend printing through your Professional Partner Lab?

We want our printed images to be beautiful! The shoot itself takes skill and talent but the majority of our time is spent editing the photos after the shutter clicks. We work very hard to make sure your skin tone is true, the colors are beautiful, and the focus is sharp. Our Professional Partner Lab has worked with us to insure that the images are printed as perfectly as they are displayed on your screen. Going to discount printers like Walmart of Sam’s Club can save you a few dollars but there is no guarantee that their prints will look like the photos on your screen. Our Professional Partner Lab guarantees their prints to be true to color and last for a lifetime.

How does our wedding day photos copyright work?

Great question! Federal law states than the person who took the image retains the copyright. However, that does not prevent us from releasing printing rights. All our wedding photos come with a print release which allows you to print through our Professional Partner Lab, or through a lab of your choosing.

What’s your wedding photography philosophy?

Your big day is one of the most important moments in your life. Everything should be perfect – even if it’s not flawless. We’ve never been to a wedding that hasn’t has a last minute schedule change or surprise. But rolling with the punches is part of our job as photographers. One of our favorite moments was in an absolutely beautiful church in 2016. We took very traditional, candid photos as both the bride and groom cried during the ceremony. But as the groom went to slip the ring on his bride’s finger, his hand slipped and he dropped the ring! The ring bounced on the floor and disappeared. The groom was terrified while the bride and audience erupted in laughter. We quickly panned from the groom to the guests’ reaction and the bride’s laughter. The photojournalistic photos of the bride’s laughter, the groom’s scramble, and the guests’ smiles were some of the loveliest images that day. We’re flexible and quick to adapt – something every wedding photographer needs to be!



How do you plan for the unexpected at our wedding?

We take your wedding day very seriously. That’s why we bring extra batteries, cards, cameras, and lenses to every wedding. Our equipment always includes chargers, wet weather gear, and replacements. Our days leading up to a wedding include us laying out all our gear, making sure it is cleaned, charged, and ready to go. We always arrive early to prepare for last minute changes. And, having the highest quality equipment allows us to be flexible in fast moving situations and low light.

How do you shoot in low light settings?

From our first wedding, we’ve built a business around low light photography. It can be difficult – after all, photography is about capturing light. And while no camera can rival the amazing human eye, our equipment is a close second! We have full frame cameras which brings more light to the sensor with less noise or grain. We have lenses with large apertures that bring in more light to the sensor. Finally, we have a unique off-camera-flash setups which allow us to create stunning images in completely dark rooms.

How are my wedding photos delivered?

We have two ways to deliver wedding photos: on a physical storage medium and in the cloud. Our physical delivery is via a unique USB drive which will include both high resolution images and social media images. Cloud delivery includes high resolution images and an interface for easy social media sharing and printing.

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